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Contact numbers of Network Center Engineers


Networking Related Queries:


Name Contact Number
Mr. Rahul ,Technical Associate


Mr. Praveen Kumar, Technical Associate


  Mobile: 7001589233

Mr. Krishna Patel,Technical Officer    Extension: 1598
Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade, Sr.Technical Officer    Extension: 1291


Email Related Queries:


Name Contact Number
Mr. Rahul, Technical Associate   Extension:1598
Mr. Vijendrasinh Thakur, Technical Officer  Extension:1590
Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade, Sr. Technical Officer  Extension: 1291


Web Related Queries:


 Send Email to: webupload[at]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in


Name Contact Number
Mr. Krishna Prasad, Technical Officer      Extension: 1876
Mr. Girish / Mrs. Aarthi,  Technical Associate       Extension: 1586
Mr. Nikhil N, Technical Officer      Extension: 1876


Computer Service Number


 Note : Computer problem/Network troubleshooting  following are the contact numbers of Service Engineers


Nagpur -


Name Contact Number
Mr. Rahul Sahare        9822474718


  • Pune -  020-656050 51/52/53/54/55/56/57/58/59/60           

  • Nagpur - Mr.Ashish Bende        Contact No. 8007028626


For any clarification/problem kindly contact Nework Center -


  • 0712-2801039
  • 0712-2801291
  • 0712-2801589
  • 0712-2801598


If problem not solved please contact


Mrs. Meenakshi Bheevgade (Sr. Technical Officer) - Extension:1291 / Mr. M. P. Kurhekar (Associate Dean) - 0712-2801597